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Rules & Regulations

1 – Definition

The Contest takes place under the supervision of the Federal Public Service Economy, Directorate-General for Economic Inspection and the high patronage of the OIV (International Organisation of Vine and Wine).
The quality is evaluated by a qualified jury and the competition is carried out in strict compliance to the provisions set out in the OIV standard.

2 – Products eligible to compete 

2.1. The competition is open to all wines bearing an indication of the country of its origin as well as the place where grapes were harvested and wine was made.
2.2. Participation is open to all wine-producers, wine-growers, distributors, exporters and importers, etc.
2.3. All samples will be presented with labels and in their original commercial packaging. If the product has specifically been packaged for the competition, the samples will be accompanied by explanatory documents justifying the status.
2.4. All products have to be designated for sale and be originated from one homogeneous batch of minimum 1000 liters. On an exceptional basis, a reduced volume of at least 100 liters may be admitted upon justification of a particularly low production.
2.5. Labelling: wines destined to be sold in the European Union must be labelled in accordance with community dispositions. The products must mention the indication of the country of its origin as well as the place where grapes were harvested and the wine was made.

3 – Jury

The Organizing Committee of Monde Selection appoints the international jury members.
They are selected according to their recognized proficiency as wine tasters and/or oenologists.

4 – Tasting procedures and results

4.1. The tasting sheet is in accordance with the model of the OIV-UIOE (International Union of Oenologists).
4.2. Each sample is given a mark that is the average of the sequence of marks resulting from the calculation of the evaluation from each jury member. The notes which differ from at least seven points of the average will be eliminated.
4.3. The sum of all medals awarded may not exceed 30% of the total sum of all the samples entered to the Contest.
4.4. Decisions adopted by the board will be final.
4.5. The final results of the contest will be published on our website by end of May at the latest:
4.6. The identity of non-classified products will not be disclosed and will not be published in the list of awards.

5 – Rewards

5.1. The reward consists of a medal and a diploma. Each participant who has been rewarded will receive their diploma and medal by post mail.
5.2. According to the obtained results and the above rule of calculation, the product will be granted:
        – Bronze Medal at least 80 points
        – Silver Medal at least 82 points
        – Gold Medal at least 85 points
        – Grand Gold Medal at least 92 points
5.3. The diploma conferred by Monde Selection ‘International Wine Contest’ certifies the reward obtained for each wine.
5.4. This diploma will mention the exact designation of the product sample that has received a medal and the exact identification of the wine producer or the distributor.
5.5. The rewards (diplomas and medals) are granted by Monde Selection to a product submitted by a firm. These rewards, therefore, specifically and exclusively concern the product, on the one hand, and the firm, on the other.

6 – Advertising use of medals

6.1. Advertising and use of medal may only refer to the submitted product which has received a medal on the declared volumes upon registration to the Contest.
6.2. The medal shall indicate the year of attribution and the type of medal (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Grand Gold).
6.3. The user will ensure, under penalty of having the reward withdrawn due to improper use thereof, that no confusion arises with other products which did not receive such a medal.
6.4. “Palm Leaves” correspond specifically and solely to a grand gold medal.
6.5. Stickers (adhesive reproduction of the obtained medal) for the awarded wines will be offered for sale by Monde Selection. The use of the obtained medal on paper media and internet as well as the reproduction of the medal on awarded wine bottles is free of charge. Images of the medals my be obtained through Monde Selection upon written request. Both cases should strictly respect the graphic norms of the medal (can be obtained through Monde Selection).
6.6. Client commits himself to respect labelling and commercial practices legislation in force in the countries where he distributes his products. Monde Selection will not be held responsible for commercial use non compliant with local legislation.

7 – Miscellaneous

7.1. The organizers reserve the right to amend the present regulations in the event of force majeure.
7.2. Only the French version of the present regulations shall be valid for purposes of interpretation and in the event of disputes.
7.3. In the event of a dispute arising there from, this shall be put before an arbitrator who shall be appointed by the Presiding Judge at the Court of First Instance in Brussels, at the request of the most diligent party.
7.4. Participants in the Wine Contest hereby acknowledge having read these regulations and undertake to comply fully with their clauses.

Edition 2022

International Wine Contest

  • Registration before

    Mar 01, 2022

  • Samples

    Before Mar 15, 2022